Rare Jewelry

Our creations are inspired by patterns and shapes found from all corners of the world. We design and manufacture locally from the highest quality metals and precious stones to deliver this classic but contemporary collection.

The Story

Rare Jewelry was launched, in December 2015, after many years of passion-driven research into design and craftsmanship.

The brand is co-founded with Nymans Ur 1851 who has has been perfecting the watch and jewelry industry in Sweden for over 160 years.

It is into this heritage that we have found our natural calling to deliver an exceptional collection of fine and exquisite Jewelry to meet and exceed your expectations.

We are proud to welcome you into the world of Rare Jewelry.

Rare Jewelry’s entire collection is designed, drawn and hand painted by the Creative Director, Danielle Larsson.

”My goal is to create a modern jewelry line with both classic and edgy pieces which can be worn everyday as well as for those special moments.”


From an idea, to protoype and to final product.

Our unique way of working is the backbone of Rare Jewelry. Our designer has a hand in every step of the way from an idea to a satisfied customer. Rare Jewelry is designed and produced locally in Östermalm, Stockholm, and this unique combination allows us to stay close to our customer’s needs as well as always making sure we deliver the highest quality of products.