"Be Strong, Be Proud and Be gracious"

The jewelry is both designed and produced exclusively from the highest quality metals and precious stones to deliver a classic, yet contemporary collection with an edge.

About us

Rare Edge

Inspired by the Louvre Pyramid in Paris, several of the series in the Edge collection carry a reversed princess-cut diamond, forming an extraordinary diamond stud. Rare Edge is the essence of Rare, says Dannie Larsson, as she explains how every piece of jewelry brings attitude and at the same time elegance to the wearer.

Rare High Jewelry

With a non-boundary when it comes to carat, and often including large, colorful gemstones, please meet Rare High Jewelry. The colorful Sif rings, as seductive as the Norse Goddess of fertility they are named after, and sweet French macarons, got so popular the series was extended to another size in less than a year.

Rare Classic Collection

Diamond stud earrings, loops, tennis bracelets, engagement rings, a diamond collier – the foundation of the jewelry wardrobe can be found in this collection.


A playful and cute collection for occasions when you do not want to wear the high carat but still feel elegant and exclusive in everyday life.

Point of sales

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